Water Testing

While the majority of water test requested are on water supplied by wells, both private and community wells, we are requested to perform water testing on homes that are supplied from water utility companies. Most faucets purchased prior to 1997 were constructed of brass or chrome-plated brass, which contain up to 8 percent lead (the main metals in brass are copper and zinc). Water sitting for several hours or overnight in a brass faucet can leach lead from the brass faucet interior which may produce high lead levels in the first draw of drinking water.

The most common water test is for bacteria. After the sample is taken, usually from a location used the most for cooking or consumption, it is delivered to a certified laboratory within twenty-four hours for testing. Test results are usually received within twenty-four hours and will indicate the presence or absence of total coliform, fecal coliform and E. coli. Whenever the presence of any of these types of bacteria are found, we recommend treatment and the water re-tested to confirm there is no longer bacteria in the water.

We offer a FHA Water Profile Test that not only test for bacteria, but test for nitrites and nitrates and lead. Water samples are taken from the location most used for cooking or consumption for the bacteria, water is taken as close to the well as possible for nitrite and nitrates and water for the lead test is taken from the location most used for cooking or consumption but must the water must have been left in the water pipes for a specified amount of time. Test results are received back within five business days.

Contact our office for information regarding arsenic, iron, water hardness, radon and other types of water testing.