A Pre-Drywall Walk Through When Building A New House Is A Smart Move.

When you decide to build a house with a builder there are multiple stages that you go through, some seem to take forever while others sail by. One of the most important stages in new construction for the home buyer is just before the drywall goes up. At this phase the house is about to turn from a “not too hard to change things situation” to a “it’s going to cost you to change things situation.”

During a pre drywall inspection, we examine the foundation of the house which could be poured concrete, a crawlspace or basement. We can find cracks in the concrete, cracked or damaged wood or missing or improperly installed piers and columns. The interior walls and ceilings are fully visible at this stage and are fully examined. Plumbing supply and waste lines are visible as are protector plates that protect the pipes at exposed areas that can be chaffed or damaged with the drywall fasteners. Any type of plumbing fixtures, tubs, shower pans, etc. are examined to insure they are not damaged and are properly supported. Any gas lines installed within the house walls are examined. At this stage of construction, all of the electrical wires for outlets, switches, fans, lights, etc would have been installed and are examined, including protector plates to protect wires that could be damaged during the installation of the drywall. Duct work for the heating and cooling system would have been installed and are visibly examined. Vent pipes, exhaust pipes or ducts and roof penetrations can also be viewed and inspected. In most cases, the roof will be completed or at least "dried in" so that water cannot enter the house. All this is done prior to the installation of insulation installed in the building. Once the field inspection is completed, we generate a report that is sent to you, usually within 24 hours of the inspection.